10th International Conference Hydrogen Days 2019

Date(s) – 27/03/2019 – 29/03/2019

The National Library of Technology
Technická 6/2710
Czech Republic

Delegates from the Consortium: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas von Unwerth (TUC), Dr. Martin Biák (TUC)

The annual international conference Hydrogen Days was organised by Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform (HYTEP). The main motto of the conference was “Through collaboration to the deployment of H2 technologies”. The audience consisted of 120 delegates from 21 countries. Participants came mainly from research institutions (SINTEF, Fraunhofer IFAM) and industry (Hydrogenics, Daimler, Siemens), but there were representatives from banking and policy makers, too. Participants gave 28 lectures and presented 37 posters. At the beginning, a speaker from Fuel Cell & Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking gave the talk summarising the situation in Europe. Other topics included:

  • Development and deployment in the energy sector (hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, energy storage, infrastructure, co-generation systems, fuel cells, reversible fuel cells, business cases, market implementation, etc.)
  • Development and deployment in transportation (fuel cells as an energy source for mobile application, hydrogen storage and distribution, hydrogen infrastructure, etc.)
  • Cross-cutting and overarching issues (education & information, legislation & safety, reliability, grid integration, etc.)

The project Fit-4-AMandA was presented in the form of an oral lecture and as a poster.  More info: www.hydrogendays.cz/2019


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