The results within the Fit-4-AMandA project have been divided in 6 different categories. Per category you can click on the available reports. Most of the reports are confidential (CO), in those cases only a public summary is available.

Result categories

    1.  Definite setting of the technical requirements
      1.1 Fixing the specification of the ‘to-be-developed’ stacks, stack components and manufacturing systems [2017, full deliverable]
      1.2 Analysis on the supportive technology for optimized manufacturability vs stack performance [2018, full deliverable]
      1.3 Report / database on potential customers and related, specific business cases divided by use case [2019, summary]

      1.4 Report on optimized strategies for market and production based on customer feedback [2020, full deliverable]
    2. Redesign current stack and stack design components for mass production and design to cost
      2.1 Specification for mass manufacturing machine [2017, full deliverable
      2.2 Prototype stack design optimized for mass production and design-to-cost [2018, summary]
      2.3 Report on final stack performance in lab environment [2021, summary]
      2.5 Publishable report on the analysis of BPP manufacturing processes [2021, full deliverable]
    3. Manufacturing robotic system for stack components
      3.1 Report on the baseline BPP production [2017, summary]
      3.2 BPP design for moulding verified [2018, summary]

      3.3 Moulded in-shape BPPs verified [2020, summary]
      3.5 200 MEAs and sets of BPPs manufactured for the assembly of the final stacks [2020, summary]
      3.6 Assessment report of progress of manufacturing process determined by the comparison of the process capabilities at the start and the end of the project. [2020, summary]
      3.7 Report on long-term single cell test in the project design [2020, summary]
      3.8 Public report on manufacturing robotic system for stack components [2021, summary]
    4. Development, manufacturing and testing of technology and machine system for the automatic assembly of fuel cell stacks
      4.1 Requirement specification for manufacturing technology and system design [2017, summary]
      4.2 Product design suitable for automatic manufacturing [2017, summary]
      4.3 Design of machine system for automatic fuel cell stack assembling [2017, summary]
      4.4 Experimental machine system [2018, summary]
      4.5 Assembly technologies realized and validated in the experimental machine [2020, summary]
      4.6 Evaluation of the machine concept and rating concerning the economic efficiency [2020, summary]
      4.7 Manufacturing machine system for the automatic assembly [2021, full deliverable]
    5. Development of fast in-line test methods for automated production of MEAs and stacks
      5.1. Selection and evaluation of the applicable test methods [2018, summary]
      5.2 Characterisation and performance validation of redesigned stack [2021, summary]
      5.3 Fast inline quality assurance test protocols
      [2021, summary]
      5.4 Comparison of the implemented methods to their standard lab-based counterparts [2021, summary]
      5.5 Public report on Fast inline quality assurance test protocols [2021, full delivarble]
      5.6 Public report on Comparison of the implemented methods to their standard lab-based counterparts [2021, full deliverable]
    6. Integration concept for stack components and stack for transport OEMs application
      6.1 Feasibility Study for commercial FC electrical vehicle [2018, summary]
      6.2 FC-Integration concept and test strategy [2018, summary]
      6.3 Performance requirements are elaborated from the vehicle [2018, summary]
      6.4 Report on customer acceptance and validation plan [2021, summary]
    7. Dissemination and preparative exploitation activities
      7.1 Project website, including Project templates [2017, summary]
      7.2 Dissemination Plan
      [2018, summary]
      7.3 Preliminary exploitation Plan [2019, summary]
      7.4 Updated dissemination and exploitation plan [2020, summary]
      7.5 Evaluation of Dissemination activities and related impact [2020, full deliverable]
    8. Project Management
      8.1 Annual data reporting for the FCH Knowledge Management Tool (Year 1) [2017, summary]
      8.2 Initial Risk Management Plan [2018, summary]
      8.3 Annual data reporting for the FCH knowledge Management Tool (Year 2) [2016, summary]
      8.4 Annual data reporting for the FCH knowledge Management Tool (Year 3) [2019, summary]
      8.5 Final Risk Management Plan [2020, summary] aadhar card, sup and uidai