7th WHTC – held in July 2017

The delegates from the Consortium that participated in the Convention in Prague from July 7 till July 9 were: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas von Unwerth (TUC), Dipl.-Ing. Vladimír Buday (TUC), Dr. Mathias Reum (PM).

Hereby the report of there impression of the event:

  •  There was over 500 participants, mainly from the industry but also from the politics and research organizations.
  •  Toyota had two MIRAIs available for ride and drive there; there was also the TriHyBus with a PM system; 12 exhibitors had been presenting in the exhibition area.
  •  There have been a number of delegates from different branches of industry and they asked during the oral sessions a lot of industry related questions such as mass manufacture ability, stability, sustainability, return of investment and if there is a business case of the proposed improvements.
  • There were also representatives from the EU, FCH JU, NOW, and different (inter)national politics.
  • The research community was involved mainly in the oral and poster sessions.
  • The overall atmosphere implied that the (Hydrogen) future is closer than anyone thinks; which was the main theme of the conference, too.
  • The main topics of the conference were divided into these sessions:
    o Transportation systems
    o Energy systems
    o Electrolyzers
    o Power to gas
    o Alternatives fuels
    o Storage systems
    o H2 purity and processing
    o Photocatalysis
    o Hydrogen economy
    o and cross cutting issues
  • During the conference, we discussed our Fit-4-AMandA project with Europeans car manufacturers (e. g. VW, PSA), with OEM suppliers (e. g. Continental, PM), with other companies (e. g. Unipetrol, LeanCat), and research institutions.
  • The head of the Department of Advanced Powertrains at TU Chemnitz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas von Unwerth, was the co-chairman of the Transportation systems and a member of the scientific committee.

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