Fit4AMandA – Experimental machine system ready for shipment to Proton Motor

A fter several weeks of intensive commissioning and functional testing, the experimental machine system for fuel cell stack assembly is now ready for relocation from the plant manufacturer Aumann Limbach-Oberfrohna GmbH to the stack manufacturer Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH.

The focus of the work done during the recent past was the testing of all functional assemblies and thus technologies for the assembly of the seal-on MEAs and the fuel cell stacks. A special challenge was the system for the automatic provision of components. These are supplied on a carrier in a type-specific stackbox.

The highly adhesive GDLs need intermediate non adhesive layers. In the machine the GDLs have separated. The GDL is handled under the camera for position measurement. The separating layer is dropped. The result of the optimization is an improved intermediate layer in terms of rigidity and flatness. Before clamping the stack is compressed to several tons of compressive force. In this position the tie rods are inserted and screwed by the operator. The thereby existing danger for the operator by counteracting the stack with the same force was minimized by additional safety protections.

Furthermore, the program sequences were tested in interaction of all functional units and optimized for both technologies – the stack layout with seal-on-MEA and bipolar plate without seals and the 7-layer MEA and bipolar plate with seals. Thereafter, the requirements for the transition to technology testing and optimization at the stack manufacturer are given. aadhar card, sup and uidai