Hydrogen Days 2018 – 9th International Conference on Hydrogen Technologies

The Hydrogen Days 2018 – 9th International Conference on Hydrogen Technologies took place on 13 – 16 June 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. The Fit-4-AMandA consortium was represented by two delegates: Dr. Martin Biák (TUC), Rohit Prasad (Proton Motor).

The audience consisted of 75 delegates from 16 countries. Representatives came mainly from research institutions and industry. Participants gave 24 lectures and presented 16 posters. Topics included stationary systems and applications (fuel cells, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, infrastructure development, market development, etc.), transportation and mobile applications (fuel cells as an energy source for mobile application, hydrogen storage and distribution, hydrogen infrastructure, etc.), and cross-cutting issues (education, safety, public awareness, etc.). The project Fit-4-AMandA was presented in the form of an oral lecture and as a poster.
National hydrogen platforms (Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, National Hydrogen Center in Spain, Hydrogen Economy Initiative Serbia) wer e introduced. A Toyota MIRAI car was available for test drives. The main motto of the conference was “Hydrogen – bridging Europe and the World”.

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