Fraunhofer IWU – The leading institute for resource-efficient production

As a leading institute for resource-efficient production within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft we are your scientific research and development partner for the future industries of automobile and mechanical engineering. Since 25 years, the main focus of our work has been on application-oriented research and development in the field of production technology for the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. We not only develop intelligent production systems for the manufacturing of car body and powertrain components, but we also optimize their related forming and cutting manufacturing processes.

During the last ten years the FhG-IWU concentrated its research work in the field of forming and processing on the development of modern resource efficient processes and process chains. Here, the FhG-IWU generated a profound knowledge regarding the transfer and establishment of new manufacturing strategies in several industrial sectors.

According to the calls scope, top-level objectives and the expected impact FhG-IWU will bring in their expertise in improvements in the production process. In this field alternative and innovative production and handling technologies for bottleneck processes of stack components are in focus as well as press- and tooling technologies for more efficient production beyond state of the art.

FhG-IWU will also give significant input in terms of improved design for manufacturability of at least two relevant stack components.  Application- and result-oriented, e.g. formability of parts and their geometry, manufacturing procedures will be taken into account in detail. In parallel innovative stacking concepts and strategies for automatization can be delivered by FhG/IWU. One focus will be the process control of the assembling. Having a „finger print stacking“ with a prior „best fit“ separation of stack components  is one of FhG-IWU goals.

To come up with the demand of cycle time measurement, cost analysis FhG-IWU can give a lot of input in terms of handling- and automatization expertise and calculation of production, energy and cost efficiency for the overall process chain.

Country: Germany

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