Proton Motor

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH is a specialist in industrial fuel cells and fuel cell hybrid systems with more than 18 years’ experience in this sector – from the development and manufacturing of fuel cell stacks from 2 to 25 kW, fuel cell systems and the implementation of customized hybrid solutions. The company is located in Puchheim near Munich and has 75 employees in development, manufacturing, administration and sales.

Proton Motor has deepened experience in the development of different PEM fuel cell stack generations including the constitutive fuel cell system design, thus customers benefit from tried-and-tested solutions regarding efficient systems for mobile and stationary applications. This experience has been gained in various European and national funded projects with international partners. Additionally, PM has tested and certified their fuel cell systems for automotive and other transport applications, with the corresponding products being sold to OEMs.

PM feels the growing market in the fuel cell business and is aware of a gap between its production capacity at this time, and the necessary capacity in the mid term to fulfill the demand. Automated stack and system production is a must to cope with this future production requirements. Therefore, Proton is obliged to make its stack technology fit for mass production by adapting the component design and the relevant processes. Fit-4-AMandA is – as a vehicle for this – very welcome and we will work hard to achieve the targets and make it a success!

The verification of a “mass produced” fuel cell stack in a delivery van will gain the most important results of the project: practical experience and validation, and furthermore the establishment of a network between Proton Motor, the component suppliers, the machine manufacturer and the operator of the vehicle fleet.

Country: Germany

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