World Smart Energy Week 2019 / FC EXPO 2019

Date(s) – 27/02/2019 – 01/03/2019

Tokyo Big Sight
3 Chome-11-1 Ariake
Kyoto City
Tokyo 135-0063

Delegates from the Consortium: Dr. Jiří Hrdlička (TUC)

The most interesting take-home message from the World Smart Energy Week was the obvious maturity of the production lines for the manufacture of batteries, which could probably be transposed to the production of fuel cells. Both technologies consist of electrochemically active layers and the inclusion of techniques already maturing in the battery industry could help accelerate the ramping up of the fuel cell production volume.

The event quite obviously caters to the Asian market, a fact underscored by most of the talks being given in Japanese and simultaneously translated to English and Chinese. Same applies to the flyers distributed at the booths.

Technical conference did not go far beyond publically available facts and only the discussion with the speakers provided more useful information. The Expo itself is certainly worthwhile and facilitates bilateral talks with the reps of the involved companies and research institutions.

Technical sections FC-5 through FC-9 were attended to gain information on the current state of the fuel cell market and ongoing activities. Fuel cell expo has been scouted to gain information about already existing fuel cell manufacturing technology.Contact has been made to several companies in the Fuel cell and battery sections, mostly in the direction of mass production ready equipment, distributing Fit-4-AMandA flyers in the process.

A representative from the Fit-4-AMandA consortium at the conference entrance.


The Fit-4-AMandA project was promoted, the project flyers were distributed. aadhar card, sup and uidai